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Working with a wholesale direct mail firm like USA Direct Mail Now will get you a history of quality and expertise.  We've been in the direct response mail business for a very long time.  While many great technologies exist for marketing and advertising, direct mail still holds a strong piece of the pie in the USA.  Direct Mail is a proven, reliable, (and if done right) valuable method for mass communication of your sales message.

Most people think direct mail is a waste of money due to the low contact ratios experienced by typical mailer campaigns.  When you work with USA Direct Mail Now, we can show you trends and facts that prove how effective direct mail can be, and will remain to be for a long time to come.

High Speed Direct Mail Printer Continuous FeedAs budgets get tighter due to the current ecomonmic climate, more people are returning to the roots of a traditional marketing campaign.  Direct Mail is a key facet of the foundation of direct response marketing methods. A high percentage of new technology-driven lead generation and marketing solutions rely heavily on keeping up with cutting edge hardware & software.  Our campaigns utilize the best of technology without getting too far away from the core of direct mail marketing. 

Here are a few reasons why Direct Mail still holds the heavyweight title in targeted marketing:

Q: Why do most companies switch back to direct mail in tough economic times?

A: As the economy tightens, your client's advertising dollars are diminishing. A high percentage of your customers will not know what to do about this.  Most that can buy will be looking to spend as little as possible to get started.  Direct Mail delivers a low entry cost for the ability to target a specific niche, demographic, or geographic area in a very focused manner.

Q: How can you reach your target audience or client type?

A: The best way to mass deliver your message to your specific client type is to look at the different methods of sales marketing...  What separates direct mail as being the most effective? 

Simple, the following are core reasons direct response mailers work better than:

Television: Your customers do not watch the same TV shows or stations.  Unless you plan to advertise on every channel, you will miss a high percentage of your target

Newspaper: Across the US, as few as 15% of the population subscribe to a daily newspaper.  This doesn't take into account how many subscribe but NEVER OPEN THE NEWSPAPER.

Radio: As a general rule, most of your target audience listen to approximately 20 minutes of radio each day.  Of those that do, they all listen to different stations. Again, nobody has the budget to broadcast on every channel in a local market.

Outdoor Advertising: How many of your customers live on the same street and drive to the same workplace?  None.  Your audience all drive different routes, every single day, and will not see the same billboards.

DIRECT MAIL WORKS BECAUSE: Your target audience all have a postal mail box and check it EVERY DAY.  Your message WILL GET DELIVERED and in your audience's hands each and every time.

With direct mail advertising you will reach every person within your targeted buying radius. It doesn't matter if that is 5 miles or 150 miles, each one of those targeted customers have a mailbox.  They will all check it every day.

TV & Radio commercials run for just a few seconds, very few customers see or hear them, and ultimately, few will ever remember them. Our direct mail has been proven to sit on the customer's table for up to 30 days. It works amazingly well, and it lasts longer than any other mechanism of marketing.

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